This technology was designed and developed by GeoTech. utilizing advanced artificial intelligence techniques to capture and deeply analyze images from satellites. This process allows for the extraction and analysis of valuable data from the images, providing broad possibilities for applications in various fields. Among these applications, SmartSat can offer precise estimates of land sizes, as well as the volume of buildings and homes, opening new horizons for urban planning, agriculture, natural resource management, and even disaster response. Thanks to this technology, users can access updated and accurate data with exceptional speed, assisting in making informed decisions based on reliable and comprehensive information.


SmartPlaces is an innovative technology developed by GeoTech, designed to extract and analyze data from images and videos captured by surveillance cameras. This technology uses artificial intelligence to precisely analyze visual content, enabling it to recognize individuals, count the number of visitors, and efficiently identify vehicles. It provides valuable tools for a wide range of applications such as security and safety, facility management, and movement analysis in public spaces, enhancing surveillance and analysis capabilities, and assisting in the collection of accurate data to support operational and administrative decisions.


SmartDrones is a technology developed by GeoTech, designed to harness the power of drones enhanced with artificial intelligence for collecting images and videos from the air. This technology stands out for its ability to analyze captured content with high precision, allowing for the identification and assessment of a wide range of issues such as visual distortions, construction debris, and other environmental or structural elements efficiently. SmartDrones provide an extremely valuable tool for land surveying, environmental monitoring, and construction project management, enabling users to obtain accurate and detailed data that aids in planning, evaluation, and maintenance in more effective and efficient ways.


An innovative technology developed by GeoTech utilizes a vehicle equipped with cameras and laser devices to navigate through streets and collect detailed data about the surrounding environment. This technology relies on artificial intelligence to analyze the collected data and extract valuable information, such as monitoring violations or creating three-dimensional simulation models of buildings and structures. This tool offers extensive capabilities for improving city management and urban planning, in addition to supporting engineering projects and construction with accurate and up-to-date information, facilitating informed
decision-making for stakeholders based on documented
and comprehensive data.


This technology, developed by GeoTech, extracts images from satellites and then applies artificial intelligence to enhance their quality. The aim of this process is to improve clarity and accuracy, enabling their use more effectively across a wide range of applications. These applications may include environmental monitoring, urban planning, precision agriculture, and geological studies. By enhancing image quality, this technology contributes to providing more accurate and detailed insights, enabling researchers, planners, and various institutions to benefit from improved spatial data to support strategic and operational decisions 


SmartBuildings is an innovative technology developed by GeoTech, utilizing images and video captured by surveillance cameras inside enclosed spaces, such as buildings and businesses. This technology analyzes visual data using artificial intelligence to extract valuable information that helps improve internal operations and enhance efficiency. For example, it can provide detailed analytics about product placement within retail stores, enabling companies to optimize their product presentations and enhance customer experience. Additionally, this technology can offer insights into people’s movement and interaction with different spaces within buildings, aiding in the improvement of space management and internal security.


SmartFarms is an advanced technology launched by GeoTech, utilizing satellite captured images to analyze agricultural lands. This technology leverages artificial intelligence to precisely analyze visual data, aiming to extract vital information such as identifying the number of farms, their locations, sizes, and crop growth rates. By providing accurate insights into the condition of agricultural lands and crop performance, it enables farmers to improve the management of their agricultural resources, aiding in increasing productivity and sustainability. Additionally, this technology can predict potential challenges like droughts or pests and offer timely intervention recommendations, enhancing the efficiency of precision agriculture and supporting food


SmartSatTrees is an innovative technology developed by GeoTech, utilizing satellite images to monitor and analyze the tree cover on the Earth’s surface. By applying artificial intelligence, this technology identifies each individual tree, assigns it a unique identification code, and analyzes its health and growth rate. It enables researchers and environmental institutions to access accurate and updated data about trees, facilitating the monitoring of changes in tree cover and evaluating the effectiveness of reforestation projects and forest protection. Additionally, this technology can provide forecasts about tree growth and health,
assisting in directing conservation efforts and environmental management in a more targeted and effective manner.


This advanced technology, developed by GeoTech, leverages footage captured by dash cams in vehicles to collect precise data about the traffic environment and streets. By applying artificial intelligence, it analyzes these images to extract useful information, such as counting the number of cars on a specific street, monitoring traffic violations, and even identifying and counting traffic signs. This enables cities and local authorities to gain valuable insights that contribute to improving traffic management, road planning, and enhancing road safety. Additionally, this data can be used to analyze travel patterns, identify traffic congestion hotspots, and develop effective strategies to reduce accidents and improve the driving experience for users.


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