Geospatial Technologies LTD (GeoTech) was founded in 2018 to tackle the main challenges facing the geospatial industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe that the geospatial industry has far-reaching implications in all sectors, and we have been investing aggressively to develop a rigorous understanding of the industry and its historical complexities. Our goal is to enable geospatial and urban economics to grow and thrive by building an understanding and technical capabilities that enable us to produce, manage, analyze, and share geospatial data in Saudi Arabia.

At GeoTech, we take a uniquely integrated approach to problem solving, combining data, technology, people, and internal and external policies. Our competitive value is empowered by our combination of local experience, data- driven solutions, and Al technologies. Our focus is to develop the deepest possible level of intelligence for every location, using the latest data and Al technologies.

Location intelligence is a powerful tool for generating business insights, allowing our clients to understand the characteristics and behavior of people and businesses in specific locations. Our analytical algorithms combine location data with other sources of information such as demographic data, social media data, and transaction data, producing a rich understanding of markets, supply, demand, and trends.

The Business Intelligence Division

The Al and Data Analytics Division

Field Workforce

We aspire to be the premier global geospatial firm, revolutionizing location-based economies with our advanced digital solutions and Al tools. We are dedicated to delivering top-tier service and cutting- edge insights, ensuring that our clients excel through the strategic use of location intelligence.

Our mission is to build an understanding and technical capabilities that enable us to produce, manage, analyze and share geospatial data in Saudi Arabia

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