Is a set of Al tools that have been designed and developed to extract data from streets using different imaging methods such as mobile mapping, drones, dashcams, and handheld devices. The most distinguishing feature of this set of Al tools is the fact that they can be instantly deployed and data can be made available in a matter of hours.

Through the use of the state of the art mobile mapping tools,
panoramic photos are rich source of 3D data that enables us to
increase the level of relevancy and depth of our generated data.


Drone-based geospatial surveillance is getting increasingly popular in recent years due to the broad range of applications in multiple industries along with the agility they offer in terms of reach and speed. In other words, drone-based surveillance is perceived from be among the most affordable and accessible geospatial data collection tools.

At GeoTech, we have been actively developing Al tools that enable us to extract more and more data from our drone-based surveillances where those tools have been successfully applied in rumours occasions.

Our Dash Cam is designed to be an extension of your own eyes on the road. With its high-definition video capabilities, it captures every detail of your surroundings, just as you would see it with your own eyes. By capturing these moments, we can generate valuable data on driving behavior, traffic patterns, and road conditions, helping to improve safety and inform smart infrastructure development.


Geotech’s Mobile Lidar 3D Point Cloud Module captures high-resolution, accurate data. This technology uses advanced processing to create detailed 3D models. Applications include construction monitoring, infrastructure inspection, environmental monitoring, and urban planning

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