In an era where Al is an overused buzzword that has been enabling numerous businesses to overcharge their image and cover the vagueness and uncertainty of their business models, we, at GeoTech, have been exceptionally and overwhelmingly busy building real Al tools that enable us to solve fundamental location-based problems and contribute to the development of future digital markets.

Our development of Geospatial Al tools is driven by our data production strategy that revolves around generating data from the space, on the ground, and from the inside. These three data generation dimensions have resulted in our production of three Al fa ilies, SmartSAT, SmartStreets, and SmartPlaces. Each one of these families constitutes a broad range of Al tools that have proven to be the best in terms of efficiency, speed and cost.


Is a set of Al tools that have been designed and developed to extract data from satellite images. These Al tools range based on the kind of objects they detect, or on the nature of location in which they are supposed to operate

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