Our Projects

Scope of Service

Alignment Of Mobile Mapping
With Sdi And Other Geospatial Data







Project Objectives

To align a link the outputs of the mobile mapping with the SDI to add the element of reality to the SDI


Main Challenges

Outdated SDI leads to limited alignment, increasing the capability of aligning mobile data leads to an updates SDI


Spatial and Municipal
Sector Experts

Developing data templates for public assets on streets that can be captured by non-invasive panoramic imaging cameras.


Spatial Data
Scientists & Al

Preparing artificial intelligence and computer vision tools to recognize public asset models to be inventoried electronically, building the necessary databases as a container for storing the data produced by Al tools, and processing the results from a spatial perspective to accurately determine geographical locations and dimensions.


Status of the Project

Under implementation + 100% completion of the Taif city


  1. Creating a platform to identify building owners and service beneficiaries for all residents.
  2. Increased data accuracy and completeness compared
    to manual inventory using images or fieldwork with inspectors.
  3. Creating custom databases for public assets through advanced archiving of asset images and their geographical locations, enhancing the inventory, control, and stock management process by assigning virtual digital identifiers to each asset
  4. Generating information related to violations and the status of each area within the city, enabling the client to  track changes with each update.
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